At ElenoxOne, we strive to address and resolve complaints efficiently. Here’s an outline of our complaint handling process:

Receipt of Complaint: Within seven days of receiving a complaint, ElenoxOne will send an acknowledgment confirming that we have received and will address the complaint.

Investigation and Resolution: The complaint will be assigned to a dedicated team of experts for a thorough investigation. Our goal is to provide a final resolution within 60 days of receiving the complaint.

Status Updates: If there are any delays in resolving the complaint, our customer support team will inform the user about the current status of their complaint.

Final Response: We aim to deliver a final response within 180 days of receiving the complaint. This response will address the issues raised and provide a resolution or explanation.

Delays and Communication: Should there be a need for more time, ElenoxOne will send an email to the user, explaining the delay and offering an estimated timeline for a response.

By adhering to this process, ElenoxOne ensures that user complaints are thoroughly investigated and resolved within a reasonable timeframe.

Valid Complaint Requirements

For a complaint to be valid, it should include the following details:

  • Client’s first and last name
  • Relevant transaction numbers (if applicable)
  • Trading account number
  • Date and time when the issue began
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Any other relevant information to help resolve the issue

Complaint Procedure

Note: Complaints containing unjustified profanity directed at ElenoxOne or its employees may be dismissed. All complaints must be in writing and directed specifically to our support team. If a client is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the Customer Support Department, they have the following options:

  • Request escalation of the complaint to the Compliance Department
  • Directly escalate the complaint to the Compliance Department

The Compliance Department will conduct an independent and unbiased investigation. Both the Support Department and the Compliance Department will collaborate to assist the client. They will review the client’s accounts, considering the trading systems and other relevant indicators to ensure all claims are reasonable and well-founded.

Both Departments Shall:

  • Respond to client inquiries within seven working days
  • Resolve complaints within a practical and reasonable timeframe
  • Keep all communication regarding the complaint confidential

For Inquiries: Contact the support service department for questions about this procedure.


A query is any dissatisfaction regarding your account or trading activity with ElenoxOne. Queries can be directed to the Support Department via email, live chat, or telephone. The Customer Support Department will evaluate your query to determine if it can be resolved immediately or if further investigation is needed. If immediate resolution is not possible, ElenoxOne commits to resolving it within two business days. Clients unsatisfied with the response from customer support should contact the complaint department by following the procedures posted on

Additional Information

  • Different provisions may apply if a client is a trust or a legal entity.
  • Clients should always use their unique Customer Satisfaction Number provided in the acknowledgment or official email from ElenoxOne.